Is Genetic Engineering a Good Idea for Humans?

1.) Getting Rid of All Illnesses in Young and Unborn Children

  There are so many issues that we can identify even before kids are born. While inside the womb, doctors are able to tell whether your baby is going to have sickle cell anemia, for example, or whether or not the baby will have Down ’s syndrome.  Actually, the date by which you are able to have an abortion has been pushed back a little later only so that people can make the decision whether or not to abort their baby if it has one or more of these kinds of problems. But, using genetic engineering, we could potentially no longer have to fret. One of the biggest conveniences of genetic engineering is that it can help cure disorders and sickness in unborn children.

2.) There’s a Big Question Mark Over Safety

 There are cautions that go along with having genes inserted into a human body and having them carry out the wanted feature. Many genes are carried into the body on quick courses and these bugs have been rigged so as not to infect a person with a disorder. But, a small amount of gene therapy experiments have resulted in the deaths of some people Along with this, no one really knows in the long run what the potential consequences of altering genes are. For instance, if one were to put a stop to telomeres from shortening could this have horrible knock-on effects somewhere else in the genome? The human genome and our whole entire bodies are mazes of confusing biological pathways, signals, and interrelationships. One good change upstream could cause a negative effect downstream.

 3.) New Meds

 Another positive effect of genetic engineering is the invention of pharmaceutical products that are better than their former versions. These new medicines are invented through cloning particular genes. Lately, on the market are bio-engineered insulin that was actually originally taken from sheep or cows, and human growth hormone, which it was originally taken from cadavers along with bio-engineered hormones and blood clotting features. What everyone is hoping is that in the future these will be able to generate fruits or vegetables that have a certain drug by altering their genes in the lab.

4.) Complex Diseases

Most notable human disorders, such as heart disease or schizophrenia, don’t just contain one specific gene that’s unusual, for example, cystic fibrosis. They are what occurs when many, sometimes hundreds, of genes group together to cause bad health. Genetic altering technologies can’t erase genetic propensities to these illnesses. Hypothetically gene editing could be utilized to lower the risk of heart disease or Alzheimer’s disease.


Genetic engineering’s capability to make life longer has one set back, and that is that there could potentially be the overpopulation of humans. The Earth is already displaying the stress of supporting too many people at the same time, and keeping death from happening naturally could very well have serious associations with employment, living space, food and energy sources and much, much more.

The video below provides more information of genetic engineering.