Freedom to Operate – Solid phase custom manufacture

First and foremost, Girindus has executed license agreements that give us the freedom to operate solid phase oligonucleotide manufacturing processes utilizing technologies covered under certain patents. The licenses cover key steps in the manufacturing processes to be used in the manufacture of all major classes of oligonucleotides (including the steps of detritylation, activation of phosphoramidites, sulfurization and an amine wash for deprotection), including the rights for manufacture of commercial product.

Secondly, we believe that your process, as well as your product, belongs to you and not to us. Our understanding as a CMO is that our clients will stay with us because they value our services and performance, not because we are controlling their IP.

Therefore we want to make it clear: Girindus will not claim any rights to IP arising from a process development project with a client, no matter if it’s process or method related.

For detailed information please contact our Business Development Team.