As a customer-driven company we offer our pharmaceutical clients comprehensive skills, ranging from process development, analytical method development, radiolabeling, cGMP compliant scale-up and manufacturing of active ingredients, as well as regulatory support. 

We can provide oligo’s at scales from 10’s of mg to kilos for applications from pre-clinical research and toxicology studies to clinical trials and throughout the commercial life of your product. 

Moreover, Girindus is the only company providing expertise in both oligonucleotide and small molecule API’s combined with the unique offering of radioactive labeling. And with our sister company Peptisyntha, we can offer oligonucleotides AND peptides.  All this makes us a unique one-stop-shop CMO to cover all our customer’s needs.

We operate commercial scale oligonucleotide production at our FDA registered and inspected site in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, which is also home to our laboratories and pilot plant facilities. 

We offer our clients a broad range of synthesis and services for the development of oligonucleotides through the early pre-clinical stages up to the commercialization of the drug substance and beyond. Our project management team and expert associates take great care in working with our clients with empathy, flexibility, responsiveness and customer intimacy.

RELIABILITYYou will be a member of a joint team.
EXPERTISEYou are sure to be in "good hands" with our experts and project managers.
COMMUNICATIONYou receive clear messages right from the start, and all the way through your collaboration with Girindus.
EMPATHYYour needs are understood from pre-clinical stages through to full commercialisation of your product.
RESPONSIVENESSYou receive quick and accurate answers and support.