Project Management

Our experienced project management team is led by a PhD chemist with 10 years of pharma experience in analytical development, quality control and manufacturing. The team is comprised of chemists and chemical engineers with experience in managing complex, multi faceted projects with aggressive timelines. 

  • Flexibility - We understand the need to be flexible in early phase clinical projects and are able to respond in a rapid manner to changing project requirements.
  • Dedicated Project Management Organization - Our team of project managers work closely with you before, during and after the project. We understand your expectations and project needs and we anticipate your future needs with respect to regulatory requirements. Accurate project tracking facilitates realization of all project priorities.
  • Timely and Accurate Communications - Prior to the start of project, our team of project managers, technical specialists and Quality Assurance professionals meet with the client to discuss the program. During the execution of the program, the team provides project updates through regular telephone conferences. Customers are more than welcome to send representatives to the facility during the execution of the program.