Small Molecules

We offer our clients a broad range of synthesis and services for the development of small molecules / NCE through the early pre-clinical stages up to the commercialization of the API for volumes of 100’s of grams to 10’s of kilograms. We also have access to a full scale multipurpose cGMP production facility in Giraud, France.

Our project management team and expert associates take great care to provide our clients with honesty, flexibility, responsiveness and customer intimacy.

Our state-of-the-art plant in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, focuses on high quality, flexibility and speed and is suited for the preparation of grams up to 10’s of kilograms of APIs. We operate both small-scale synthesis and kilo laboratories, an integrated pilot plant facility with computer monitored reactors and extensive equipment for downstream processing, including preparative HPLC and flash chromatography at the kilogram scale.

Girindus is your partner of choice if:

  1. You need a rapid Screening and Process Development Triage to take a medicinal chemistry route and produce kilogram quantities of an API with an aggressive timeline. 
  2. You require a high level of Quality Assurance to assist in cGMP documentation to support regulatory filings. 
  3. You want to run a fast and efficient project from pre-clinical to phase II and transfer the process after out- licensing the drug. 
  4. Your annual need for product is in the 10’s of kilos.